Interactive video-shopping revolutionized


Have you ever watched a show and wondered what they were wearing? Ever wondered what kind of sunglasses, jewelry or accessories your favorite character has on? RANDIAN's powerful, patented platform allows you to watch, find out what's in the show, and later browse and purchase those items so you don't disrupt the content you enjoy. For viewers RANDIAN gives you the means to view, shop and buy. For content producers RANDIAN adds an additional source of revenue without disrupting the viewing experience. For brands RANDIAN connects your products to the emotional selling power of video-based entertainment, expanding your customer base and potential revenue. Intrigued yet? You can request a demo here.

who we are

The RANDIAN platform combines video content, web-based-technology and ecommerce. Our team encompasses all these areas of expertise through past endeavors at Fortune 500 Companies and startup ventures. Our platform merges the parts in a seamless, user-friendly way that will have a positive transformational effect on video content and video advertizing.

Our bi-coastal and international reach connects us to leading companies in the media/entertainment, technology and fashion/commerce industries. As technology causes viewer and consumer behavior to dramatically shift, RANDIAN is poised to be a leader in the newly forming industry of vcommerce (video commerce). Click here to see our bios.

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